General Training (Length: 4-5 hours)

The attendee of the class will become familiar with the general instructions for operators regarding the inspection, application, and operation of forklifts including recognition and avoidance of hazards associated with their use as covered in ANSI/ITSDF B56.1-2012 and ANSI/ITSDF B56.6-2005. These practices include:

  • The actual operation of the forklift "under the direction of a qualified person."
  • The need for the trainee to operate the powered industrial truck for a sufficient period to demonstrate proficiency.
  • Regulations and standards
  • The need to perform workplace inspections
  • Recognition and avoidance of common hazards
  • Operator warnings and instructions
  • The purpose and use of manuals
  • A pre-start inspection
  • Factors affecting stability
  • Personal protective equipment
  • General equipment components
  • Safe use of equipment
  • The proper selection of the powered industrial truck and equipment for the job at hand
  • The application and understanding of typical options that are associated with larger machines: e.g. outriggers, stabilizers, extendable axles, envelope management systems, load-moment devices, and dual-capacity

When completed, the General Training is the first step for qualifying an operator to operate any like-type powered industrial truck as long as he/she is also familiarized with the controls and safety devices of the other like-type equipment.

Familiarization (Length: ~1 hour)

Familiarization training includes a review of the following with each person designated to operate the equipment.

  • Review pre-start inspection procedures
  • Confirm that the manual(s) as specified by the manufacturer is on the powered industrial truck
  • Review control functions
  • Review safety devices specific to the model-powered industrial platform being delivered

Practical Evaluation (Length: ~30 minutes)

  • Visual Checks
  • Operator Checks
  • Basic Operating Procedures
  • General Safety


This course is designed for personnel who are employers, supervisors, owners, operators, users, and qualified personnel who require training before the operation of powered industrial trucks by OSHA Regulations.

The successful participant will receive a wallet-sized, laminated Counterbalance and/or Rough Terrain Certification Card valid for three years.

The cost per student is $210.00

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